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What was the Meiji Era?

Westernization, Industiralization, and Modernization of Japan


How did the new imperialism affect Japan?

- Forced into trade and diplomatic treaties with US and Europe - Had to open up international trade -Creates strong navy -


What was the Russo-Japanese War?

annihilates all treaties forced upon Japan


How does Imperialism effect China?

they end up being a republic


What was the Opium War?

an open war because of an attempt to ban opium (a common drug)


What happens during the Opium War?

Britain responds by setting up a naval blockade - China gives in and loses Shanghai and Cantori ports to the British (they also lose Hong Kong)


What was the Tai Ping Rebellion?

Other countries take advantage of Chinese government's weakness to force further trade and territorial concessions - china looks to british for help


What was the Boxer Rebellion?

Boxers vs. Westerners (missionaries) The boxers cut of the westerners heads and chinese government encourages the rebellion


What happened to Africa during the new imperialism?

Europe took control of Africa and crushed native resistance. They held onto the land until after WWII


What was the Berlin Conference?

a decision of how to split of African land (established by Bismarck)



What did Mikhail Bakunin believe in?

elimination of the state and all private property


What did Marxists believe in?

a revolution with the bourgeoisie - defeating the state and creating a dicatorship of the proletariat


What was the First Internationational?

-Founded in London in 1864 - Marx insisted in creating political parties in all countries - dissolved in 1876 and Bakunin and Marx seperate


Who is Ferdinand Lasalie and what did he believe?

A german who wanted to democratize working class, create worker cooperatives -General Association of German Workers


Who is Wilhelm Liebknecht and August Bebel?

Founded the Social Democratic Labour party (SPD) - closer to marxism but combined lasalle and Marx


What was the Fabian Societ?

1884 Britain a peaceful political change founded the Labour party


What was the Second International?

- only communist/socialists -coordinated socialist world wide - SPD in control


What was the belief about should socialist join non socialist governments?

August Bebel: believed parties were formed to seize power not to work with parliament ^Jean Jaures opposed him