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what are hunter and gatherers?

hunters and gathers were like the original people of the ancient Sumerians. Back then it was very simple there were hunters and gatherers


what is surplus?

surplus was really a good thing because you many things almost to many things like crops: you had a surplus in crops


what is specialization?

specialization is when some people in village are professional in certain professions. A example of specialization would be blacksmith


What is a patriarchy?

A patriarchy i when men are control of most of things that go on in the community


What is social stratification?

Social stratification is a hierarchy


what is the Agricultural revolution?

the agricultural revolution was when everything changed in Sumer people started to realize how to make better tools for farming and domesticated animals


what is the difference between BCE and CE?

BCE is before Christ Era CE os Christ Era


what is Domestication of animals?

domestication of animals is when the people realized that they can control the animals to do what they wanted by training them


what is being nomadic?

nomadic people are people who never stay in one place and instead of settling down they always travel from place to place


what is irrigation?

in the village the people suffered from floods from rivers so they made these canals to lead the water into the village. The difference from a regular canals is that there were several canals to lesson the height and the velocity of the water



the ziggurat was in the center of all city-states because it was believed that the gods lived in the building