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whats the difference between ionic and atomic radius?

The only difference is an ionic radii is describing a charges species, Atomic radii is describing a neutral one. - Cl (-) vs Cl


Whats the equation for Z-eff?

Its the atomic number minus # of shielding electrons: (Z-S) - note: z-effective # corresponds with valence #


Whats the most important aspect of Z-eff?

As Z-eff increases, the atomic radii decreases. trend: z-eff increases right across table.


What is a network solid? Whats an example?

Its a compound containing a mixture of ionic and covalent bonds Ex: graphite or diamond.


which has the highest BP/MP, ionic or covalent compounds?

Ionic, or anything with an ionic nature


which has the highest intermolecular forces? london or dipol-dipole?

Depends: -similar sized molecules= dipole wins - size (london forces) trumps dipole force as you get larger in size.


do ionic compounds have intermolecular forces? Why or why not?

No because ionic bonds do not form molecules so they cannot have intermolecular forces. covalent bonds are the only types of bonds that form molecules.


Which forms stronger bonds? h-bonding or ion-dipole (ie Na---H20)?

Ion dipole: Na+---H2O has a greater charge difference than H2O --- H2O.


What is a paramagnetic element/ion? How is it distinguished from diamagnetic?

- paramagnetic can be affected by a magnetic field. Diamagnetic cannot. - any atom with an odd number or unpaired valence electron is considered paramagnetic.