Bible Unit Test for Thursday Jan. 20, 200913 cards

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God first caused the church to grow and the Gospel to spread in this doing what?

Jerusalem... by sending the Holy Spirit upon the believers on Pentecost


A crowd gathered, and Peter preached to them. What was the out come of this for Peter and John?...How did the audience respond to Peter's sermon?

they were arrested and thrown in prison overnight...many believed and were baptized and the church grew to 5000 men


God first caused the church to grow and the gospel to spread into what two places by doing what?

Judea and Samaria... by allowing a great persecution to break out against the church in jerusalem.


Who first proclaimed the Gospel in Samaria?...What other Christian leaders went there, and why?

Philip...Peter and John...they prayed for the Smaritans to receive the Holy Spirit.


Why was Saul heading to Damascus?...What happened on the way that changed his plans?

to persecute the Christians...Jesus appeared to him and said why are you persecuting me and God changed his plans


What did God choose Saul to do?

to bring the gospel to the Gentiles