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when America tried to keep other countries from spreading communism so they kept the people inside of their country


Truman Doctrine

Truman asked for a lot of money for economic and military aid for Greece and Turkey and many other countries; wanted this to keep the Soviet from spreading and reduced communist takeover


Marshall Plan

gave money to European countries that needed it for post war re-building; countries were more likely to become communist if they have much poverty; raised the economy of many countries; western Europe started to flourish; communist party lost appeal


Korean War

when North Korea invaded South Korea; the U.N. stepped up and fought them off; U.S. was afraid of Domino Theory that if one country became communist then more would; in the end nuclear war was avoided and North Korea was stopped from taking over South Korea



- North Atlantic Treaty Organization; when many countries joined the U.S. and Canada to form a military alliance; if one country was in war the others would join


GI Bill Of Rights

- promised everyone that fought in the Cold War that they would receive a free college tuition and get a low interest home loan; there were more business men because people went to college


Bay of Pigs-

trained Cubans in U.S into an army and start a revolution; build missile area in Miami; boats were being sent to US by Cuba and US wanted to blockade them


Cuban Missile Crisis

Soviet created a missile base in Cuba; Castro leads a communist revolution; President Kennedy worked out an agreement with Russia


Tet Offensive

North Vietnam push America back during the war and have a victory; was on the day of Tet even though there was an agreement made on both sides not to fight on holidays



the new suburbs made because of the GI Bill of Rights


Planned Obsolescence-

planning for products to become obsolete to have people buy the newer product; makes sure product will wear out; kept from post war recession


Moon Landing-

was about sending the people to the moon before other countries; led to school funding; Kennedy’s goals led to inventions; when Sputnik was sent into space


Baby Boom-

time period after the WWII when many women started to have babies; leads to more families


Interstate Highway Act-

highways are made because of multiple suburbs being made; this allowed people to work further away from their homes; more cars in families and more tourism; also trucks were made to move goods


Ho Chi Minh Trail-

Where Americans brought goods and supplies in; Nixon bombed here w/o telling anyone but the military; also used to transport goods from North Vietnam to the Vietcong in S.Vietnam


Beat Movement-

a social and artistic movement of the 1950s stressing unrestrained literary self-expression and nonconformity with the mainstream culture


Elvis Presley-

first to bring black music into white homes; first big tv singer; leads to change in music types such as Rock n’ Roll



the first satellite and proved powerful rockets for Soviet Union which increased bomb fears


Hydrogen Bomb

100x more powerful than the atomic bomb; developed by the US; made war not feasible from the fear of nuclear war; both sides (US and Russia) had 12,000 bombs



a country would always be on the brink of war



communist citizens of the US that gave the secret to making the hydrogen bomb to Russia


Joseph McCarthy

a senator that started to accuse people of communism and never had any evidence; was later exposed by a newsman


Gulf of Tonkin Incident

-led to the Vietnam War; 3 N. Vietnam Navy torpedo boats attacked a U.S. destroyer; the 2nd incident led to the resolution of the U.S. being able to open warfare on N. Vietnam


Resistance to the Draft-

college students could differ drafting until they got out of college meaning that more blacks and poor would be fighting in the war


Soviet- Afghan War

involved the Soviet government in Afghan; Maghadem supported U.S. helped to stop the Soviets; Writ of Aid was made to stop soviet; Soviet starts to crash


Berlin Airlift-

when Stalin placed a blockade on the only road leading to West Berlin the airlift was made to send food and supplies; when Stalin removes it he stated there never was an airlift; This leads to NATO which leads to Warsow


Withdrawal from Vietnam-

- we withdrawal with a treaty of North Vietnam to never invade South Vietnam but months later they still attack; lasted for 16 years


Hollywood Ten-

when actors/dirctors wouldn’t give the names of communist; were jailed & blacklisted