Civic - Foundations of American Government Part One49 cards

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What can be said about the Bill of Rights NOT true?

+The amendments arose from the controversy over ratification of the Constitution. +The amendments guarantee such basic rights as freedom of expression and fair and equal treatment before the law. +The amendments are the first ten of the Constituti


The Internet seems especially suited to satisfy which of these needs in a democracy?

to be informed about the many different institutions and policies of the government


What about sovereign states is NOT true:

A parish, county or city is considered sovereign because it is subordinate to a larger form of government.


Whatare some ideas included in the Declaration of Independence?

+People have certain natural rights. +Government can exist only with the people's permission. +The people may change or abolish the government.


What are some of the purposes of government outlined in the Preamble to the Constitution?

defending the nation against foreign enemies, insuring order and domestic tranquility, promoting the general welfare of the citizens


What is true about the social contract theory?

The state was created voluntarily by a free people. Governmental powers are granted by the people. Governmental powers may be limited by the people


Each of the four methods of formal amendment

illlustrates the principle of popular sovereignty.


For what reason might the ruler(s) in a dictatorship feel threatened by the existence of the Internet?

The Internet might provide a forum through which people could unite and rebel.


When crafting the new Constitution, the Framers drew from their experiences from

+the governments of ancient Greece and Rome +the writings of Rousseau and Locke +their own State governments


The objections of the Anti-Federalists can be BEST summed up as

a fear that the new government would have too much power and the people, too little power


The Federalist Papers can be called a “campaign document” because it

was written to convince voters to support the new Constitution


In a democracy, the will of the majority

cannot be used to deprive rights to a member of a minority group


What is one idea that illustrates the concept of equality of opportunity?

Public schools may not exclude students because of their sex or race.


The government set up by the Articles of Confederation had

only a legislative branch, consisting of a unicameral Congress


Who would be MOST threatened by the social contract theory?

divine right advocates dictators monarchs


“Promote the general welfare” really means that

the government works for the people.


Where does sovereignty rest in a dictatorship?

with a small group or a single person


In a democracy, each minority has a right to

criticize the majority. be heard.


A federal government is one in which

power is divided between a national government and state governments


Most of the Declaration of Independence consists of

justifications for independence from England and grievances against King George III.


The Federalist Papers were written to

win support for the Constitution in New York and other states


When there is a separation of powers

power is distributed among three independent branches of government


What are the characteristics of a state?

population territory government


Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau would most likely agree that:

the state exists to serve the will of the people.


The theory underlying modern democracies was developed to challenge the idea that:

the head of a family, clan, or tribe has the natural right to govern.


What does is the concept of limited government?

Government must operate within certain bounds set by the people. That the people have the ultimate power.


After the Revolutionary War, the National Government formed from the Articles of Confederation:

proved too weak to deal with growing economic and political problems