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What did the term "computer" refer to originally?

a job title. It was women who programmed and changed the vacuum tubes of the earliest general-purpose computer, the ENIAC.


What new technology allowed for the development of minicomputers and microcomputers?

Midline computers / multi-user Terminal access Terminal emulator


What is the difference between configuration and specification?

Configuration: Fundamental differences Intel-compatible or PowerPC? Wired or Wireless Networking? Specification: Differences in details 1.6 GHz vs. 2.4 GHz NVidia or ATI?


What processor architectures does iMac use?

Intel-compatible (x86 or x64)


What is the Von Neumann architecture?

Computers must have three basic components: Processor Memory Storage


What does Hertz measure?

1 clock tick/second


What does it mean for a computer to have multiple cores?

Multiple cores allow multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously.


What are the main forms of malware?

Viruses Worms Trojans


What distinguishes viruses?

Viruses copy themselves through removable storage devices, such as flash drives.


What distinguishes worms?

Worms copy themselves through email or by attacking web servers.


What distinguishes trojans?

Trojans are the most dangerous: they pose as legitimate programs and get you to install and authorize them voluntarily.


What are good passwords like?

Hard to guess Easy to remember


What is a URL?

Figures out what web server it needs to contact Sends a request to the web server asking to access the web page at the address. Receives and renders the web page, so that you can see it


What is HTML?

HTML uses tags to mark section of the document and indicate basic formatting:


What distinguishes social networking from other social media?

"online services that support social interaction and publishing."


What is cyberbullying?

Internet users, often high school students, use social networks to humiliate, intimidate, and even blackmail fellow students. Insults including racial and sexual slurs, death threats, and posting embarrassing photos are common practices of cyberbullies


What is viral advertising?

campaigns where customers themselves participate in the advertising by sharing the ad with friends


What is a web browser?

allows you to visit a website


What is HTML frequently complemented with?

Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript.