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What are the ethical principles that need to be addressed in the begining of the procedures section?

1. Protection from harm 2. Informed consent 3. Right to privacy (pseudonyms) 4. Honesty with professional colleagues 5. Professional code of ethics 6. IRB


Describe a case study.

Research that you want to know more about. Outsider looking in. Formal Individual instance Period of time Interview Survey Observation Focus group Triangulation


Describe a enthography study.

Living the study. Informal Cultural understanding Participant observer Think description Observation Field notes Consent-verbal communicate consent You become one with the community Conversation Observation Movement map Focus group Trian


Describe a phenomenological study.

Limited structure Interested in individual participants points of view Individual perception Interview only NO TRIANGULATION


Describe grounded Theory study.

Not s lot in the current literature Collect data and then develop a theory Generate theory from data Data collection-triangulation necessary Educated guess- not to solve a problemM


Describe content analysis study.

Human forms of communication Can use in case study or grounded theory Ethnography- determine demographics Grounded theory - good starting off point NO TRIANGULATION Analyze materials Coding is key


What are some qualitative information collection methods?

Interview Observation Survey Focus group Questionnaire field notes (ethnography) Interviews (phenomenological) Content analysis


What is triangulation?

Alignment to prove a hypothesis


What is internal validity?

Cause and effec


Threats to internal validity are?

Hawthorne effect Confounding variable History Maturation Mortality


What is external validity?



What are some ways to enhance validity?

Triangulation Taping transcribing Member checking Thick description Critical friend Time in the field Establish triangulation