Ear anatomy5 cards

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What is the tympanic membrane? where is it located?

the tympanic is the eardrum. Waves hit the eardrum first. The eardrum begins the middle ear.


What are the 3 bones that transmit sound? where are they found? where do they transfer the wave?

- malleus -incus -stapes - these three bones are located in the middle ear and transfer waves to the cochlea.


What is the cochlea? where is it found? where does it transmit waves?

Cochlea- spiraled seashell (inner ear). it funnels sound into hair cells and organ of corti.


Where are hair cells and organ of corti found? what is their function?

They are located in the cochlea (in the inner ear). - they are responsible for transmitting the the sound wave into neural signals which travel to the brain.


Where are semi circular canals found? what is their function?

they are located in the inner ear. the semi canals are responsible for balance.