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What kind of weather will Estonia experience today and tomorrow?

The low will be -10C and the high will be -4C. It will be cloudy and Tomorrow the low is – 13c and the high is -7c. It will be partly cloudy and sunny


Describe three common phrases in the Estonian language and practice them with a student next to you.

Tere is hello, Palun means please and Ma arum ustan means I love you.


What are three common dishes served in Estonia?

Silgusovest, mulgakapsad and verivorsd


Please provide three examples of the cultural practices of Estonia. (Music, Religion, things they do for fun)

Estonians like to go to big music gatherings an choirs. They are Christians that like to hike camp & walk


What kind of animals and plants would one see in Latvia? Give several examples.

Oceanic and continental plants, wolves, lynx, moose, wild boar and foxes. Also 223 different spices of bird.


What are some of the requirements/laws you must follow if you drive a car into Latvia?

Your car must be on perfect condition and if you barrow a car you must have a letter of permission


How many different regions/area is Latvia divided into? Name them.

5 they are The Riga district, North Latvia, South Latvia, West Latvia and East Latvia


What would the weather be-like in Lithuania in winter now?

-4.9 to -32c Not every winter is really cold, most are mild


What kind of currency is used in Lithuania?

The official currency is Litas


What is the official language of Lithuania and what are three common greetings?

The official language is Lithuanian. To greet some one in the morning is Labas rytas in the afternoon its Laba diena. Labas vakaras is for the night


How many different regions exist in Lithuania and what are there names?

There are 5 they are Aukstoitija, Dzukija, Savalkkija, Zematija and Lithuania minor


Please describe three different cultural practices that take place in Lithuania.

Building crosses, having choirs and going to song festivals


Briefly describe what the Open Air Museum of Lithuania is like and what it reminds you of.

It shows what life was like in Lithuania's past, It reminds me of Green field village


Describe three ways in which your experiences as an American adolescent/teenager differ from Malta's.

We can be whatever religion we want to. She works in a shoe factory and lives in a three room house we don't


What are the Baltic countries and why are they called that?

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania they are called the Baltic countries because they are by the Baltic sea


Why could the Danube River be called a link from West to East?

Because it goes through western and eastern Europe then flows into the black sea


What; Eastern European countries have a climate similar to Michigan?

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova and Bulgaria


What types of mineral and energy resources are found in Eastern Europe?

Coal, Natural gas, oil, iron,lead, silver, sulfur, zinc, salt shal, amber and berboxite


Besides limiting freedom, what else did Communist rule do to Eastern Europe?

Increased industrial production and destroyed the environment.


Why would World War One be considered very important to the countries of Northeastern Europe?

Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia combined old countries and Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia became independent or into being


What would a typical meal in Eastern Europe consist of?

Fish, Potatoes or sausage, hams and pickles


Which country increased its per capita GDP the most? Which one increased it the least?

Hungary increased the lest and the Czech Republic increased the most.



What European beliefs and interests led to the creation of the EU?

Many Europeans have the same interests. They wanted an economic and cooperation between member countries.


Describe the flag of the European Union.

It has 12 yellow stars in the middle of a blue background


Besides the recently joined states of Bulgaria and Romania (January, 2007), there are 25 other countries in the European Union. Name them:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Poland


What countries in Eastern Europe are not using the Euro and why do you think they are no, using it?

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Kosovo and Romania. They don't use the euro because their countries aren't economically stable enough


List and explain four areas of change that the EU has brought to Europe.

Cooperation between member nations, Trade and GDP has increased, Common currency and a more unified Europe


What are the three main institutions of the EU and what do they do?

The court of laws, they are the judicial system. The council of the EU meets to discus EU policies and new laws. The European commission works to promote the interests of the EU


What countries in Eastern Europe are members of NATO? Please list below and indicate on the map.

Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia


Does NATO have its own armed forces? Explain.

No, but its member countries sometimes provide troops to help NATO's operations


Who pays for NATO's operations?

The member countries of NATO's citizens


How many countries share a border with Poland? What are their names?

Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuanian


In what part of the country is Warsaw located?

The mid eastern part of Poland and is on the Vistula river


What did Poland become after WWII?

A soviet satellite state


What are three challenges Poland faces?

Poverty, unemployment and a poor infrastructure


What kind of .winters does Poland have?

Moderately severe winters with lots of precipitation


What is the terrain like in Poland?

Mostly flat with Mountains on the southern side.