Electricty Test 234 cards

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What is the difference between static and current electricity?

Static electrcity is when charges build up on a material, while current electricty is the rate of flow of electrons produced by moving electrons


What are examples of Friction, Induction, and Conduction?

Friction: rubbing a balloon on your hair Induction: negative charged balloon makes a metal beam have a positive charge through induction Conduction: negative charged plastci ruler touches an uncharged matal rod the electrons travel to the rod a


Why do charged particles attract or repel?

Charged particles witht the same sign repel and opposites attract. This is because of electric force


How is lightning formed?

During a storm precipitation goes into a storm cloud, negative charges then build up at the top and positive on the bottom. Anegative charge can make a positive charge on the ground which is electric discharge which is lightning


What is the relationship between lightning and thunder?

Thunder is the sound of lightning. Lightning is seen before lightning is heard though because light travels faster than sound.


How does a lightning rod work?

It is the tallest point on a building that is connected to a wire. When the lightning hits it the electric charge are carried safely to Earth through the rod's wire.


What is the difference between AC and DC?

AC's charges flow continually and go form one direction to another. DC's charges move in one direction




What are the 3 major parts of a circuit? Explain

an energy source, wires, and a load. AN energy source like a battery give the circuit power. Wires connect everything in the circuit. ANd loasd are things that are given power form the circuit like a light bulb.