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When does light hit cornea? What is the function of cornea?

cornea is the first thing to receive a photon. it is a protective lens covering the eye


When does light enter lens? what does the lens do?

after cornea. The lens is a converging lens that helps the eye focus on near and far objects.


What is ciliary muscle? What is its function?

it holds lens in place. its function is to contract/ relax to focus lens.


When does light hit the retina? Where is it located?

light hits retina after traveling through cornea and lens. It covers the back of the eye.


Where are rods and cones located? what is the function of each?

rods and cones are found in the retina. - rods- transduce photon signal into an action potential that is sent to the brain. cones- distinguish colors (rods cant do this).