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What information does a radar summary chart give us?

Displays areas of precipitation as well as information about type, intensity, configuration, coverage, echo top, and cell movement of precipitation.


When doe s the radar summary come out?

35 minutes past each hour


What is a significant weather prognostic chart?

pressure, fronts, and precipitation


What is a Sigmet?

Severe icing not associated with thunderstorms, severe or extreme turbulence, dust storms or sand storms, volcanic ash,


What is an airmet?

describes conditions affecting general pilots


What are the three different types of airmets?

Zulu- moderate icing and freezing level heights Tango- moderate turbulence and sustained surface winds of 30 Knots or greater Sierra- IFR and/or mountain obscuration


What does a convective sigmet consist of?

T-urbulance severe is greater I-cing severe or greater L-ine of thunderstorms W-inds 50 knots or greater H-ail 3/4 inch or greater E-embedded thunderstorms T-ornados 40-% of 3000 sq. mi area affected


How long is a convective sigmet valid?

2 hours and comes out every hour


What is a TAF?

terminal aerodrome forecast. Winds, visibility, weather, sky conditions


How often does a TAF come out?

4 times a day valid for 24 hours


What area does a TAF cover?

5 statue mile radius from the center of the airports runway complex


TAF: what does FM mean?

rapid and significant change occurring in less than an hour


TAF: what does BECMG mean?

gradual change in conditions, 2 hours


TAF: what does TEMPO mean?

temporary fluctuations expected to last less than half the time period. TEMPO 1216 3sm br


What does SPECI mean for a METAR?

aviation selected special weather report


What is Virga?

precipitation falling from a cloud but evaporating before reaching the ground. Strong downdrafts, down fly under!