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Logical connective that plays a big role on the LSAT Example "If it rains, John will bring an umbrella"



The sufficient condition is sufficient is sufficient to bring about the necessary condition Likewise The necessary condition is the necessary result of the sufficient condition


Sufficient/Necessary Example "When Chin's GDP surpasses Japan's, the U.S. will have to acknowledge it as a global power."

China's GDP surpassing Japan's GDP is sufficient to bring about the condition of the U.S. recognizing China as a Global power And the U.S. recognizing China as a Global power necessarily results from the condition of China's GDP surpassing Japan's C sur J ----> rec GP Sufficient Necessary


Antecedent/ Consequent

Sufficient Condition is the Antecedent Necessary Condition is the Consequent "Ante" means 'Before' in Latin *So the Antecedent comes before the arrow D ---------------> E Antecedent Consequent



The conditional relationship can also be described as Causal The first condition causes the second


Causation Example "If the water reaches 212 F, it will boil.

The logical relationship is the same, regardless of how you describe it


Converse Error

An unjustified reversal of the conditional relationship A----> R Does not equal R----->A