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Broad subject matter and will always be found in the first few sentences of the first paragraph objective in nature e.g., world hunger



It will identify a piece of the topic the author will address in the passage, it too is objective and may be found in first paragraph e.g., new technology to solve world hunger What about the topic?



Is why the author is writing The passage e.g. To describe a new technology and it's promising uses. The authors purpose may be to argue, explain, illustrate, rebut, describe orL. advocate. What are you going to do with the topic? What is the author


Main idea

The reason for the purpose is to get to the main idea. It will be the reason behind the argument or explanation. It can be found anywhere in the passage, even at the end. E.g., biochemical engineering helps address world hunger in a variety of wa


Road map

Will be a quick synopsis of the paragraph that you will jot down along the side. Important to know where to find information quickly rather than try and memorize what is read.


Purpose of road map

To Predict the direction of the author's reasoning. To know where to find important information related to the reasoning. To try and predict what might be used as a question. To find answers with speed.


Keywords to be circled

Logic, contrast, continuation, illustration, emphasis/opinion, sequence/consequence. Are used with special frequency, so keep an eye out for them.



Words or phrases that indicate evidence ; because, since, for. Conclusion; therefore, consequently, it follows that, thus



Words that will let you know there is a difference of opinion or a shift in the thought process. But, however,although,by contrast, despite



Words or phrases that show agreement or support for a thought. Further, moreover,likewise, similarly , additionally, also



Words or phrases that mark examples or illuminates a though. For example, in the case of ...



Words or phrases that indicate a point of view and the informations level of importance. Most of all, especially,very, argued that, unfortunately, critically



Words or phrases that outline steps or indicate timing. 19th century, but today, first...second...finally...before.



First state your topic world hunger,define/explain, scope-new technology to solve world hunger and why, purpose to argue for against technology and promising uses, then state main idea, biochemical engineering helps address world hunger in many ways



Pay attention because the questions will have particular words and clues that will direct you to a certain part of the passage and also help you to identify what type of question is being asked


Global questions

Will want to know information about the main idea or purpose of the passage. Which one of the following best states the main idea of passage? Which one of the following best describes the contents of the passage ?


Detailed questions

Can be answered directly from the text. According to the passage, the council was divided on the issue of... The statement declares that.... According to the author the flu can't occur in the absences of which one?


Inference questions

Ask you to read between the lines, not outside of them. It must be true based on the passage and it will follow the passage but it will not be stated directly, instead it will be implied or hinted. However, the harder you have


Inference questions

Ask you to read between the lines, not outside of them. It must be true based on the passage and it will follow the passage but it will not be stated directly, instead it will be implied or hinted. However, the harder you have To work to justify an a


Solving inference questions

Can be predicted if the questions are descriptive enough. The choice must be supported by the text. You may need to paraphrase the relevant text or make a deduction.


Examples of inference questions

It can be inferred from the passage that... The passage suggest that... The author implies... The critics would most probably agree with which one of the following statements....


Logic questions

Reasoning- like logical reasoning questions, either strengthening, weakening, assumpt, principle, or parallel. Treat them the same way. Function-Will be a piece of the text and you will be asked to determine the role that text plays in the passage.


Examples of logical reasoning questions

The Obama example is included primarily in order to... The experiment described in paragraph 2serves to.... The author discusses conflict for the purpose of.....



Proper names and nouns Line references Direct quotes Paragraph references Content clues


Proper names and nouns

Critics scientist artist. Proper nouns and names also ideas,beliefs, and theories, they demonstrate an attitude or a point of view


Line of reference

Dont make a mistake and think they are detailed questions because they ask for specific info. They are usually inferences or function questions.


Direct quotes

Always ask yourself you said the quote, the author or someone else...and for what purpose was the quote used?


Paragragh references

Questions that mention a particular paragraph pay attention to the gist of the paragraph as awhile to the passage.


Content clues

Descriptive words or phrases that highlight a point of emphasis or opinion from the passages again look at the clue in context


Classic wrong answers

Are answers that are outside the scope they go beyond the passage