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Role of a statement

Usually verbatim and ask what role does the statement play in the argument. After reading stimulus and identifying the statement, find out how it fits into conclusion and evidence, if it does not, then ask yourself what the author is trying to convey



Unstated piece of evidence used to tie the evidence and conclusion together. Usually is required for conclusion to be valid.


Flaw question

You must find the error in the author's argument.


Scope shift

When evidence talks about one thing and the conclusion talks about something else. Example: only 15% of the school children have been to Washington dc, therefore the school children must not know a lot about our government.


Number verse percentage

Percentages w/o numbers is flawed. The vice president wants to eliminate half of the manager positions and a quarter of the assistant positions. Therefore, she is getting rid of more managers than assistant jobs.


Causation verse correlation

Two items may be related but the argument doesn't tell us anything about causation. Osbourne family goes swimming in the summer, they also eat a lot of ice cream in the summer. Therefore, swimming makes them think of ice cream. Swimming and ice cream


Alternative possibilities

If one thing happens it could happen for more than one reason. If Olivia is in class, she turns her phone off. So if she's if her phone is off, she's must be in class.


Opinion verse fact

One person saying something is so doesn't make it necessarily true. The restaurant review said this restaurant has great food. Therefore, it must be great.



My preference may not be representative of what you like. When I was your age My favorite ice cream was mint.Therefore, for your birthday I will be sure to serve mint ice cream.


Unwarranted assumption

One thing is the only thing needed to ensure something else happening. Her battery works. Therefore, her cell phone is charged. Assuming the battery working is all that is needed to ensure the cell is charged.


Necessity verse sufficientcy

If we have dinner at home, then mike went to the store. I saw mike picking up groceries,so we must be having dinner at home. Dinner at home necessitates mike shopping. Mike's shopping is necessary for us to have dinner at home, but if he shops, we ma