Major Muscles of the Body3 cards

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Pectoralis Major (1 joint muscle)

O: Sternum - Clavicle - first 6 ribs I: Groove of the upper Humerus Action: Shoulder horizontal adduction (inward toward midline) Exercise: Flye / Pec Dec / Bench Press / Tube Press Stretch: Horizontal abduction (away) Corner stretch


Biceps Brachii (2 joint muscle, Supinator / flexor)

O: Long Head; Supraglenoid Tuberosity (shoulder) Short Head; Corocoid Process (finger like process of the scapula) I: Radial Tuberosity (below the elbow) Action: Elbow flexion in supination (thumb out) Exercise: DB Curl / Seated incline curl


Brachialis (1 joint muscle, true flexor)

O: Distal 1/2 of anterior portion of Humerus I: Coronoid process of Ulna (below the elbow, medial side) Action: Elbow flexion Exercise: Same as biceps - Acts as synergist