Nature of Light13 cards

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index of refraction (n)?

describes how waves change when entering and exiting mediums. If n increases, wave speed and wave length decrease


How does wavelength affect speed?

longer wavelength= faster wave



Which color bends most? Why?

Violet. It moves the slowest thus most affected by change in medium.


When is total internal reflection possible? What is critical angle?

- when refraction exits medium at 90deg. must be going from high to low "n". - critical angle is the indc angle that causes Tot internal reflect


How does wavelength affect bend?

longer wavelength= less bend because fast wave is less affected by medium


which is faster in Air, red or blue light? Why?

They are same. Medium affects speed more than WL or frequency


Which has higher frequency, wavelength: 1. UV 2. IR

UV- higher frequency (sun burn), lower WL IR- lower frequency, higher wavelength.