Pharmacology42 cards

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Vd= __

D/C D: total amount of drug in the body


Vd= __ Bound drugs are pharmacologically __

D/C D: total amount of drug in the body C: plasma concentration of the drug inactive


pliocarpine aka bactrim; skin infxs, mrsa

cholinergic agent, constricts eyes, alters membrane permeability trimethoprim


muscarinic receptors:bind ACh and muscarine: M1:__ M2:___ M3:___

1: gastric parietal 2: cardiac cells and smooth muscle 3: bladder,exocrine, smooth muscle


1.both break down NorEpi:__&__. 2.B receptors: B1:__ B2:__

MAO, and COMT 2. B1: HR incr, incr. contractility B2: Bronchi, uterus, skeletal m.