Real estate 18 cards

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What is the difference between real estate and real property?

Real estate- land and All things permanently attached to it. Vacant land or land w physical improvements consisting of a house and or structure Real property-real estate plus the interests, benefits, and bundle of legal rights inherent in the ow


Trade fixture?

An article owned by a tenant and attached to a rented space or a building for use in operating a business.



Personal property item



Scarsity Improvements Permanence Location


E and O insurance

Errors ad omission insurance- This insurance covers the negligence, wrongful acts committed by the licensee EXCEPT for fraud!


Types of housing

Single family, detached dwellings Apartment complexes Condominiums and cooperatives Planned unit development PUD Converted use property Retirement communities High-rise developments Manufactured housing (mobile home) Modular h


Transaction facilitator

You do not owe any dusty of confidentiality to either party and may disclose information


Transaction coordinator, client representative or dual facilitator

You may not disclose any information to either party except : -if disclosure is Required by law Intended to prevent illegal conduct Or is necessary to prosecute a claim against a person represented or to defend a claim against a licensee.