STP Waves and Rad 39 cards

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Complete the sentence 'electromagnetic radiation travels as'.

Waves and moves energy from one place to another.


What can be said about the speed of EM waves?

They all travel at the smae speed through a vacuum (space).


List the EM spectrum in order of increasing wavelength and decreasing frequency.

Gamma rays, X-rays, ultra violet rays visible light, infra red rays, microwaves and radio waves.


Which EM waves can be used communication?

Radio waves, microwaves, infra red waves and visible light.


What happens when EM radiation is absorbed by a substance?

The substance heats up and may create an a.c. current with the same frequency as radiation.


Give some uses of gamma rays.

Kill cancer, sterilise surgical instruments, kill harmful bacteria in food.


Give a use of X-rays.

Take radiographs to look for broken bones (the X-ray is absorbed by dense bone). Treat some cancers.