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In contracting, the practitioner...

and the client or clients system agree to work toward identified intervention goals


The ideal size of a group is...

it depends on the purpose(s) of the group


Which of the following statements about goal setting in generalist social work practice is not true?

The most emotionally charged goals should be addressed first since they are the most important.


A researcher speaking of chance as an alternate explanation of observed results is referring to:

the possibility that the research findings occurred by chance and not as a result of some intervention


Relative poverty can be measured as

the number of households with income below some fixed official standard


The most extensive insurance program in the United States is:

old age and survivors disability insurance


Which piece of federal social welfare legislation "ended welfare as we knew it?"

Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996


The classic stereotype of the homeless individual in America is

a white male alcoholic who has lost his job and his family to his addiction and is forced to live on the streets


The biggest criticism of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act is

the act focuses on emergency assistance and not underlying causes of homelessness


The concepts of mental health and mental illness are

difficult to define due to the multiplicity of factors that must be considered.


The fourth revolution in mental health can be characterized as

client/patient rights and consumer groups