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what are the four basic types of tissue ?

muscle, nervous, connective, and epithelial tissue


what does muscle tissue do?

extends and contracts which lets bones move


what does nervous tissue do?

it carries electrical messages to and from the brain and everyother part of the body


what does connective tissue do?

supports and connects bones


what does epithelial tissue do ?

covers the inside and outside of the body


what are 9 of the major organ systems ?

circulatory, digestive, nervous, skeletal, endocrine, muscular, excretory, respiratory, and reproductive systems


how does stress affect homeostasis?

it affects homeostasis by effecting the levels of homeostasis and making you sweat when its a normal temp. etc.


what are the six major functions of the skeletal system?

provides general shape, supports body parts, all parts extend from vertebra, allows movement, protects, and produces and stores materials


what are four major joints of the skeleton and an example of them?

hindge- elbow, ball and socket- shoulder, pivot- neck, glide- hand


what are the four major parts of bones?

outer mambrane, compact bone. spongy bone, marrow


what is the outer membrane of the bone?

blood vessels and nerves enter and leave the bone from the outer membrane, and covers the entire bone except the ends


what is compact bone ?

beneath the outer membrane, hard and dense but not solid, canals carrying blood vessels run through the compact bone


what is spongy bone ?

located beneath compact bone at the ends, lightweight but strong, lots of holes like a sponge


what is marrow ?

located in spaces of bones, red marrow produces blood cells, yellow marrow stores fat


what is the difference between involuntary and voluntary muscles?

involuntary muscles are not under your control but voluntary muscles are under your control


what tasks do involuntary muscles do ?

breathing, digestion, and heart beating


what tasks do voluntary muscles do ?

walking, smiling, and clapping


what is skeletal muscles and what does it do ?

attached to bones, each has a tendon, look banded, react quickly, tire quickly, voluntary


what are the three types of muscle?

skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle


what is smooth muscle and what does it do ?

located inside many organs, involuntary, not banded, do not react quickly, do not tire quickly


what is cardiac muscle and what does it do ?

found only in the heart, similar to both skeletal and smooth muscle, involuntary, banded, does not tire easily, repeated contractions are known as a heartbeat.


how do muscles work?

they work in pairs, can only contract, one pulls while the other relates and stretches out, ex. biceps and triceps


how do muscles strengthen?

exercise is important for strenght and flexibility, makes muscles larger/thicker, thicker muscles are stronger


how do muscles become more flexible?

stretching and warming make the muscle more flexible and prevents injuries.


what are the layers of the skin?

epidermis then dermis


why is pain so important?

if you didnt feel pain you wouldnt be able to know if you broke something or got something bad happen and get the care you need quickly


what does the skin do for the body ?

it protects the body, maintains its temp., eliminates waste, gathers info, and produces vitamin D


how do you care for your skin?

keep skin clean, eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water, and limit sun exposure.