Texas history 441 cards

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The Second Klan, founded in 1915, was opposed to

Catholics and Jews b) rights of African Americans c) non-English speaking immigrants


The 1924 Texas’ election for governor was noted for

the victory of anti-Klan candidate Miriam “Ma” Ferguson


In 1929, LULAC was formed in Texas to

advocate for the rights of Latin-American citizens


A major stimulant to cotton crops grown in west Texas was

the boll weevil couldn’t survive in the west Texas weather


Jesse Jones of Houston was unusual because

he was a Republican businessman but served in important posts for the Democrat’s New Deal administration of Franklin Roosevelt.


The “Dust Bowl” of the 1930s was

caused by a drought that ruined fragile farm lands from Texas to the Dakotas


Starting in 1942, the Bracero Program

allowed Mexican citizens to legally work inside the United States


Between 1945 and 1975, Texas farms

decreased by half and the average size doubled


To prevent desegregation of schools in Mansfield, Texas, Governor Shivers did this

used the Texas Rangers to stop blacks from entering white schools