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The US of the 1920's was a consumer society, which is a_________________...

...society in which increasing numbers of men and women could afford more than simply what was needed to survive.


Middle-classed families could afford things like.....

electric refrigerators, washing machines, and vacum cleaners.


One of the most successful books of the 1920's was "The Man Nobody Knows", by advertising executive Bruce Barton.....

...It portrayed Jesus Christ as not only a religous prophet but also a "super salesman". He believed that Jesus had been a man concerned with living a rewarding life and ppl should do the same.


Some of the mass-circulated newspapers of the 1920's were.....

...Collier's, Ladies' Home Journal, the Saturday Evening Post, Time, and Reader's Digest


Movies became popular by 1930 comepared to 1922, the numbers were...

100 million viewers in 1930 compared to 40 million viewers in 1922


By the 1920's women were moving up in the job community but were mostlty retricted to 'feminine' jobs like...

...Fashion, education, social work, and nursing or lower levels of buisness managment.