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Adam and Eve:

- Adam was created from the slime of the earth - God took rib of Adam and created Woman • men and woman belong together - serpent symbolizes temptation - disobeyed God's wishes • original sin/ great sin - punishment • Adam- must work the soil Ev


Caine and Able

Children of Adam and Eve - Caine was a farmer - Able was a shepherd - in ancient Hebrew means brother - Caine offers harvest, Able offers flock -God only accepts Able's and Caine goes from being mad at God to mad at Able -Caine kills Able


10 plagues

- water turns to blood - frogs overrun the land - gnats and flies torment the Egyptians - sick cattle - boils plague the people - hail destroys the crops - locusts destroy what is left - death of the first born • Hebrews must smear the blood on le


Unleavened bread

Water and flour mixed together and baked during Passover - symbolizes a new life of freedom Moses had the Hebrews make it before fleeing Egypt because itches quick to make so that they could leave at anytime


Sinai Experience:

- Moses goes up the moutain to recieve 10 commandments - the people become frustrated and begin worshiping a false god (Golden Calf) - Moses comes down and is furious and destroys commandments - God wants to kill them but Moses convinces him not to


Book of Saul:

- raised as a nazarite and servent to the high priest Eli - god calls apon Samuel to be a prophet to whom god speaks to. - he isrealites eventually want a king to lead them -guided by god to find the king and meets Saul while looking for his father's


Book of Saul 2:

-Saul breaks faith with god and Samuel searches for new king -while Saul is being lead by go and meets jesse who offers him hospitality and meets David and anoints him as king


10 Commandments:

1. No other gods 2. Never use God's name in gains 3. Keep the sabbath 4. Honor your parents 5. Not commit murder 6. Not commit adultery 7. Not steal 8. Do not covet a maried woman 9. Forbid giving false witness 10. Do not covet your neighbor's goods



- a shepherd from Judah - 4 themes - Judgment: everything will be ok in the end - Social Justice: "if you have an ideal society everyone is in it together" - Cult: worship that you give to yaweh - Word: the preeching of the prophets


Elijah at Horeb:

- God tells Elijah to stand by the entrance of the cave and that he will come to him - Hears a powerful wind, feels an earthquake, and sees a fire - hears a zepher, a tiny breeze, and knows that it is god - Then closes his eyes and hides his face.



- cures man with leprosy, tells him to go into the jordan river, man takes soil back with him to worship yaweh - Jerusalem woman have miscarriages because the water is bad, throws flower into the water and purifys it - Brings a baby back to life



- thr prophet who uses specific term, remnant (what is left over) Remnant: the humble people of the land, the nobodys. The new chosen people.



Deported into exile 5 central themes - Yaweh is the lord of all nations and events - God's Holiness - Insist on Moral and Cultic integrity - Responsibility of each generation for their own actions -God intends to restore Israel Community = Together



Solomon and David = Key Figures Restoration- the ability for Israel to go back to where it was before Once you establish who you are and what you stand for you can do anything - need to know who they are - when they go back the city is crap


Judas Maccabeus:

Mother and 7 sons - threatened with going against beliefs Eleazar - brought infront of Antiochus to go against beliefs Judas goes against the king, defeats him, and eliminates all Pegan Gods out of the temple Celebrates for 8 days with one day supply



Nazorite Terrible temper attacked by lion and killed in with his bare hands Marries a philistine woman gets so mad that he kills his wife and father in law Delilah lures him in, cuts off his hair and has him captured. he is blinded and worked as a sl



Widowed, moves back to Bethlehem with Naomi Marries Naomi's relative named Boaz, have a son named Obed, who has Jesse, whose youngest son is King David. Moral: Even in difficult times, if you trust in God, life will be better in the end.



King of the israelites, annointed by Samuel. Breaks his covenant with God, does not use the BAN, and Samuel annoints David as kind but Saul does not know. Saul sends David to defeat Goliath, becomes jeaouse, and tries to kill David, after he becomes



Son of Jesse, annointed by Samuel, Kills Goliath with his sling shot, chased around by Saul for many years. Re builds Israel, establishes tries and sets capital in Jerusalem



Annointed as king - Establishes foregin wives: Political -Building Plan: 1. palaces 2. temple 3. city walls - Forced Labor -Creates shrines in high places


Creation Story:

Created by God, out of Chaos, the one God brings forth goodness. Meant to be wondered at and enjoyed and cared for by human beings, who are made partners. "God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good"



Persecuted by the babylonian king during exile and put the lions den, but in the end God saved them. Vision: four beasts rose out of the boiling sea but God condemned them- meaning one like a human being one day serve ass king in everlasting reign



Canaanite Sisera assemble an army and she accompanies Barak to defeat them Jael hammers a peg through his head.



A prient and scribe who lived in Babylon. Taught the Torah to those in Jerusalem after the Exile. Helps eliminate foreign wives



Wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph and Benjamin



Wife of Isaac



Hid two of Joshua's spies in her house in return that they do not kill anyone in her home while radeing the Jericho A cord that hung in her front window signaled that she was not to be harmed Converts to an israelite