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Key points to remember about reading comp...

- LSAT pasages have no context - LSAT pasages are about obscure things - Follow a specific methodical approach look for patterns - Try to finds the approach of the passage


Reading comp tips...

- Keep your focus and prepare the passage - Look for the author's central ideas - Do away with the "fluff" - Focus on thoughts and opinions -- what the author thinks and feels


Basic Strategy for Reading Comp

1. Take Control of the passage 2. Get what you need and get out 3. Understand the question task 4. Avoid traps


How to approach Reading Comp

1. Preview the question 2. Annotate the text 3. DEFINE THE MAIN POINT OF EACH PARAGRAPH 4. Define the bottom line: SPAM: Structure, Purpose, Attitude, Main Point 5. Go back to the passage 7. Answer in you own words 8. Use the POE -> Process of


Spatial Game Summary

- Redraw the set up for each question - Check for the number of times elements can be used - Utilize spatial clues as much as possible - Work on finding deductions


The Path to reading comp inprovement

- Read passages efficiently - Understand the different types of questions - Locate relevant information - Quickly find the credited responses - Develop a solid pacing strategy