Vocabulary for March 3121 cards

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Define affluence

wealth, riches, prosperity; great abundance, plenty Synonyms: opulence Antonyms: poverty, want, destitution, scarcity


Define arrears

unpaid or overdue debts; an unfinished duty Synonyms: in default, in the red, late, overdue


Define cascade

a steep, narrow waterfall; something falling or rushing forth in quantity; to flow downward(like a waterfall) Synonyms: plunge, rush, tumble Antonyms: drip, drop; trickle, ooze


Define cringe

to shrink back or hide in fear or submissiveness Synonyms: flinch, duck, cower, fawn Antonyms: strut, swagger


Define crotchety

cranky, ill-tempered; full of odd whims Synonyms: grumpy, grouch, crabby, disagreeabll Antonyms: sociable, friendly, agreeable, amiable


Define format

the size, shape, or arrangement of something Synonyms: layout, design


Define immobile

not movable; not moving Synonyms: fixed, stationary, unmoving, rooted Antonyms: movable, portable, nimble, agile


Define impassable

blocked so that nothing can go through Synonyms: closed, impenetrable Antonyms: unblocked, clear, open, fit for travel


Define innovation

something new, a change; the act of introducing a new method, idea, device, ect Synonyms: novelty, modernization, new wrinkle


Define jovial

good-humored, in high spirits; merry Synonyms: jolly, cheerful, festive Antonyms: gloomy, morose, melancholy, cheerless


Define manacle

a handcuff, anything that chains or confiness; to chain or restrain(as with handcuffs) Synonyms: put in chains, fetter Antonyms: unchain, set free, emancipate, release


Define martial

warlike, fond of fighting; relating to war, the army or military life Synonyms: military, hostile, bellicose Antonyms: peace-loving, peaceable, pacific, unwarlike


Define minimum

the smallest possible amount; the lowest permissible or possible Synonyms: least


Define nimble

quick and skillful in movement, agile; clever Synonyms: lively, keen, flexible Antonyms: awkward, clumsy, stiff, inflexible


Defien onset

the beginning, start(especially of something violent and destructive); and attack, assault Synonyms: outset, commencement Antonyms: conclusion, close, end


Define partition

something that divides(such as a wall); the act of dividing something into parts or sections; to divide or subdivide into parts or shares Synonyms:divider, separation Antonyms: join, combine, consolidate, merge


Define perishable

likely to spoil or decay Synonyms: short-lived, fleeting Antonyms: long-lasting, durable, undying, permanent


Define retrieve

to find and bring back, get back; to put right, make good Synonyms: recover, regain, fetch, remedy, rectify


Define sinister

appearing evil or dangerous; threatening evil or harm Synonyms: frightening, menacing, ominous Antonyms: cheering, encouraging, reassuring, benign


Define taut

tightly drawn, tense; neat, in good order Synonyms: tight, strained, orderly, shipshape Antonyms: loose, slack, drooping, messy, sloppy


Define taut

tightly drawn, tense; neat, in good order Synonyms: tight, strained, orderly, shipshape Antonyms: loose, slack, drooping, messy, sloppy