World History Chapter 6 Sections 4 and 532 cards

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Christianity is rooted in the beliefs and customs of...

Jesus and his early followers Judaism


Who were the Zealots?

a group of Jews that wanted to re-establish the Kingdom of Israel by driving the Romans out of Judea


How did the Romans respond to the mass uprisings encouraged by the Zealots?

Sacked Jerusalem Killed Thousands of Jews Destroyed the Second Temple Banned Jews from Jerusalem


Who emerges as a spiritual leader and what was his message?

Jesus of Nazareth To seek forgiveness


What two books make up the Christian Bible?

The Hebrew Bible The New Testament


How does Jesus of Nazareth gain popularity?

Performing miracles of healing His growing group of disciples Defending the poor and oppressed Preached a message of redemption and warning


How do the Romans respond to Jesus of Nazareth?

Arrested, tried, and sentenced him to death


Who were the earliest Christian missionaries?

The apostles The 12 disciples chosen by Jesus


How does Paul separate Christianity from Judaism?

Helps convert non-Jews Removed some Jewish laws and added some new doctrines


Who are martyrs?

People who die for their faith


What hastens the spread of Christianity?

The conversion of the emperor Constantine


What does Emperor Theodosius do in the year 391?

Outlawed public non-Christian sacrifices and religious ceremonies


What things did Diocletian do to slow the empire's decline?

Changed the empire to a monarchy Divided the empire in two Forced Roman society into a rigid order Increased the army


How did Diocletian change the imperial empire?

Geared commercial and manufacturing activities toward the needs of imperial defense New tax system


Why does Constantine make his capital in Constantinople?

Because the eastern half was richer and better defended