World culture final (part 2)34 cards

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What are characteristics that define a region

Physical - landforms Location- longitude or lattitude Cultural- religion Political- economy or government


The rivers in Africa

Nile- longest river, flows south to north Congo- central, hydro. power, transverse Niger- irrigation, flows from the Sahara to the sea Zambezi- border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria falls


Impact of the European rule in Africa

• good •focused more on the middle class • communication increased • transportation increased • bad • destroyed the family life • over population • destroyed the community ties


Role of the family in anthropothogy

- passed down traditions and culture - held society together - most important unit


Importance of the gold and salt trade

- kingdoms grew - brought more people - trade routes form and grew - many things were spread - kingdoms: Mali, Ghana, Ziambabwe


Results of the industrial revolution in Europe

- more use of machines - increased urbanization - started reform movements - imperialism ,nationalism, and westernization grew - population increased - modernization increased


Characteristics of the ancient Egyptian society

Polytheistic Built monuments Came up with a calendar and three seasons Made a form of writing Used mummification


Characteristics of traditional African religions

Way of life Worshiped gods Anamistics Worshiped their ancestors


Role of the pharaoh

Ruler Mediator Preserve ma'at


Impact of the Mughal empire

The last great empire Cultural blending United islam and Hinduism Adopted religious tolerance Taj mahal Akbar


Differences between Christianity and Hinduism

C- One god Jesus ( gods son) Trinity Resurrection H- More than one god No founder Reincarnation Vedas Jesus is a guru


Cultural source of Hinduism

Aryan culture No true founder or formal church


Goal of the Buddha

Gain enlightenment To find the cause of human pain and suffering And it's cure Reach nirvana


How was Buddhism spred

Missionaries Mouth 3 baskets of wisdom


The sepoy rebellion

Cause Guns were greased in pork fat British force dthem to do things Effect Thought that they would loose their caste India become a colony and the British had direct rule Lasting distrust


Thai kingdom

Monguls invaided Weakened other groups and then became stronger Included the chakkri family Setup a dynasty


Thailands role in the European colonization on south east asia

Thailand is between British and the french Signed treatise to stay independent They helped modernize


Influences of Gandhi

Many people followed him Used : satyagraha and civil disobedience Spread the ideas of Henry david


Characteristics of the castle system

Problems: modernization and economis opportunity Aryan Varna System of social groups based on the caste you are in based on your bith Brahman Kshatriyas Vaishya Shura Untouchable or outcaste


Effect of nationalism

Brought nations together Avoided wars After WWII countries became independent Countries rebelled


Common features of the early civilization

Oral traditions Irrigations High structure for flooding Building structures Temples


Great rift valley

Red sea to the Zambezi river Fertile Tropical wet and dry Rich in minerals and metal Mountains and valley


Physical characteristics of Africa

Deserts- Sahara Rain forest- Congo Rivers Plateaus Great rift valley Savannas- sarigehti Falls-Victoria


Mansa musa

Mali Spread Islam Built mosques Koan Took a trip to mecca


Resons for culturally distinct regions

Landforms- mts Rivers Oceans Cultures


Characteristics of Axum

Ethiopia Important for trading Conquered the mush The reason for the decline and the fall of the kingdom


Characteristics for a strong government

Military Economy Literary Buildings Records Roads Religion


Achievements of the Gupta dynasty

Art- murals Math- concept of zero and the decimal system Literature- poems and plays


India's policies post independence

Changed: to a mixed economy and women's right improved Industrial economic independence Focused less on the caste system And more on family life


The influence on population patterns in australia and new Zealand

N.Z.- on the coast because of mountains Australia- on the coast because of the rain shadow, desert, higher elevation


Characteristics of the aborigines

Nomadic Deeply religious Oral traditions


Characteristics of the Maori

Farmers Lived in villages And they were religious


Role of the Europe in Australia

Penal colony Farmers Established a way of life Brought: language,culture, and customs


Influence of Oceania in the worlds economy

Preserved peace War bases Exports of fish and fruits Vacation