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who are the founders?

jewel Henry Arthur Callis jewel charles henry chapman jewel eugenge kincle jones jewel george biddle kelley jewel nathaniel allision murray jewel robert harold ogle jewel vertner woodson tandy


first chapter?

Alpha cornell university, ithaca, New York December 4, 1906


second chapter

beta- howard university, washington DC December 20, 1907


third chapter

gamma- virginia union university, richmond, virginia December 30, 1907


fourth chapter

delta- originally univer. of toronto(1908) now huston Tillotson College, Austin , Texas, 1939


sixth chapter

zeta- Yale university, new haven connecticut april 10, 1909



Eta- Columbia University, New York, New York June 5, 1909



yale university, new haven, connecticut april 10, 1909



Theta- University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; university of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, February 21,1910



Iota- originally Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York March 28, 1910 now Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Georgia, March 28, 1910



Kappa- Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, January 13, 1911


Original Title

The history of Alpha phi Alpha A development in Negro College Life


Current title

The history of alpha phi alpha A development in college life



To the youths who march onward and upward toward the light, this volume is respectfully dedicated


First chapter:

the origin of alpha phi alpha


Second chapter:

the period of consolidation


Third chapter:

he first steps in expansion



Brother charles harris Wesley Zeta chapter- yale university 14th general president- 1932-40 President of central state college


Chapter 1

The origin of alpha phi alpha


The development of alpha began in three stages:

1. club- social study club began in the fall of 1905 2. organization- fall of 1906 3. society- alpha phi alpha society- October 23, 1906


social study club

first meeting place was 421 north Albany street, Ithaca, new york


social study club home of

•home of mr. Edward Newton •also residence of charles chapman CC poindexter •nine other students attended the first meeting


meeting of social study club moved to and when, who lived there?

1906 to 411 east state street, home of mr. archie and mrs annie b. singleton •mrs. Singleton was named the mother of the fraternity •jewel Robert Harold ogle and mr. morgan t. Phillips lived there


organization- fall 1906 june 2, 1906

the election of officers takes place • president CC pointdexter • secretary jewel henry Arthur callis • treasurer jewel george biddle kelley • meeting in room of jewel Nathaniel allsion murray • provision for banquet on june 9, 1906


October 16, 1906, organizational meeting

• dues .50 per year • initiation fee set at 1.00 • meeting date set for Tuesdays


alpha phi alpha society October 23, 1906 organization meeting

• jewel george biddle Kelley made motion the the society be named alpha phi alpha society • jewel Robert Harold ogle proposed old gold and black as the society colors


October 27, 1906 special meeting

• arrangements were made for banquets • jewel Robert Harold ogle made motion for the voting sign of alpha


October 30, 1906, first initiation banquet

• held at the Masonic hall, also called odd fellow hall, and red's men's hall • the first initiates were: o jewel Eugene kincle jone o brother lemuel E. graves o brother Gordon jones


what was the menu?

the menu is cream tomato soup, salted wafers, broiled lamb chops, hashed brown potatoes, peas in tubs, shrimp salad, olives, finger rolls, wild apple jelly, rolled bread, pickles, Neapolitan ice cream, chocolate cake, demi-tasse, cheese, crackers, br


Alpha phi alpha founded December 4, 1906

• alpha phi alpha fraternity was officially founded at cornell university, Ithaca, new york • jewel Nathaniel allision murray made the motion to become a fraternity •


what was the first motion/

letter resignation was the first motion to become a fraternity the precursor


wht cc quit?

mr. poindexter had expresses the idea that the negro in America had no cultural background upon which to build a framework of a college fraternity, and that this should be work for a later period


what was the first fraternity shield, whoo created it?

• the first fraternity shield was approved by the fourth annual convention on December 27, 1911 at ann arbor, Michigan o the first shield was designed by james A dunn of kappa chapter


who created second fraternity shield?

the second fraternity shield was designed by ferdinard L. rosseve, of sigma lambda chapter


who created Fraternity coat of arms and when?

The fraternity coat of arms was introduced at the 36th general convention in Kansas city, mo., December 1950 by john. W. fleming


what are the objectives first part?

The objective of alpha phi alpha fraternity, inc. is to stimulate the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom and dignity of the individual, to encourage the highest and noblest form of


what are the objectives second part?

and to aid downtrodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic, and intellectual status



Manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind


Chapter 2 The period of consolidation Fraternity ritual who wrote the fist one?

1st ritual was written by jewel george biddle Kelley and jewel Robert Harold ogle.


who wrote the second fraternity ritual?

It was lost and jewel hanry Arthur callis and Eugene kinckle jones wrote another one from memory


Incorporation dates

• January 29, 1908- board of directors signature: • Cost was 25.27 • April 3, 1912 in Washington d.c


who was on the committee for the fraternity grip?

Jewels murray, tandy, and Kelley worked on the committee for the fraternity grip


First president of alpha chapter-

First president of alpha chapter- jewel george biddle Kelley


Chapter 3 The first steps in expansion Honorary member who were they?

Bother george fletcher- a former law student of the university of Michigan (shown an interest and had given encouragement to the organization of the fraternity, april 26, 1907) Brother rev. e.u.a brooks- a graduate of the law school of cornell uni


The general convention when was it held?

The general convention is the sole and supreme legislative body of alpha phi alpha fraternity, inc. it has the powers to enact legislation for the regulation of all matters pertaining to the organization. 1st general convention held at howard univ


1st general officers

President moses Alvin Morrison Vice president jewel henry Arthur callis Secretary ss bokker Treasurer roscoe c giles


Life membership

The status of life membership shall be conferred upon any eligible member who fulfils the requirement of the constitution Life member are exempt from paying grand tax Life member number 1 is o wilson winters


Sphinx magazine

This is the official magazine of the fraternity The sphinx is the second oldest African American publication in the nation The first edition was published in may 1914 The first editor was Raymond w. cannon


Alpha phi alpha fraternity, inc Executive officers

33 general president- Herman ship mason, jr Immediate past general president- Darryl. Matthews sr. Executive director- William d. lyle General director- Hyacinth C. Ahuruonye Comptroller- Frank A. Jenkins III General couinsel- Keith A.