chapter 13 lesson 18 cards

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why did the lords lose power

because of the bubonic plague and expansion of trade


what where the consequences of the end of the medieval institution

-reduced workers so they demanded more $$ and more rights -feudalism died -crusaders exposed people to new broader worlds outside of Europe -weapons did away with knights and lords to fight for


the expansion of trade

-cities across Europe began to grow in late 1200s due to trade -decline in war made it safe to trade again -crusaders introduced Europeans to middle east and silk road opened Asia to Europe again -Marco Polo in late 1200s cruised to china


new ways of thinking

-after so long of misery in the middle ages, people were ready to enjoy life again -trade also brought new ideas from far away places


revival of classical learning

-end of middle ages brought back learning in Europe -by 1200s people grew eager to lean and understanding -achieving greater knowledge meant looking to the past -studied classical ideas of Greece and Rome and earlier texts from those earlier civil


the growth of humanism

-comes from the(classical ideas) -focuses on humans and their potential *not quite so religious *studies were history,grammar,literature,and philosophy -people were to get knowledge in all fields MATH TOO -Petrarch was was an earl


humanist thought

-stressed importance of individuality -Christians could learn about the world,but said the church was still important -they said not to accept the Church's teachings *good Christians could enjoy life too


a new age of creativity

-people began to experiment,explore, and create -medieval experiments