immunology and blood 11 cards

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What types of cells deal with humoral immunity? where do they mature?

B- lymphocytes which mature in the bone marrow


What do B-cells differentiate into? what are steps for humoral response?

plasma cells and memory b-cells 1. APC (macrophage) presents antigen to B-lymphocyte. 2. B-lymphocyte transforms into plasma cells (which make antibodies for that specific antigen) and memory b-cells.


What do T-lymphocytes differentiate into? what are steps for cell mediated responses?

mainly cytotoxic t-cells and t-helper cells, (also memory t-cells) 1. antigen presenting cells activate Tcell. 2. t-cell differentiates into: cytotoxic t-cells (similar to NK cells) and t-helper cells which aid in response.


Whats the main difference between cell-mediated and humoral immunity?

cell mediated (t-cells) usually responds to cells that are already infected with a virus or bacteria. they dont make antibodies. humoral (b-cells) make antibodies that can actually attack the antigen


WHat are erythrocytes missing? what does this mean?

they have no organelles and no nucleus. means they cannot reproduce or undergo mitosis.


what is albumin? functions?

Its a protein found in the blood. It helps regulate blood osmotic pressure, and transport fat acids and steroids.


What is the basic composition of the blood? What is blood serum?

its made of RBc's, plasma, and a buffy coat. -serum is plasma with no fibrinogen (clotting protein)


Where are all blood cells made?

they all come from stem cells in the bone marrow.


Whats the function of platelets?

help blood clot when it needs to