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fish tacos

catfish in tomato tortilla with smoked ancho chile sauce cheddar cheese pico chopped cabbage with fries or coleslaw with ancho sauce


big fish sandwich

tilapia on toasted buns with pickles lettuce tomatoes with fries or coleslaw and tartar sauce


shrimp po boy

carfish or crawfish or shrimp placed on toasted french bread spread with tartar and cocktail sauce lettuce tomatoes pickles with fries coleslaw


daddys cheeseburger

8oz toasted bun with 2 slices of cheese with lettuce tomatoes pickles and mayo with coleslaw or fries


grilled salmon club

4oz grilled salmon 100% whole wheat with bacon avocado lettuce tomato and lemon dill mayo with coleslaw or fries


daddys chicken sandwich

italian dressing served with 2 slices of bacon provolone cheese placed on a toasted bun with lettuce tomato pickles and creole mayo with fries or coleslaw