science chapter 3&4 test 11/27/1214 cards

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what is an electromagnetic wave ?

Is a transverse wave that transfers electrical and magnetic energy Consists of vibrating electric and magnetic fields that move through space at the speed of light


What is the speed of an EMW?

All EMW travel at the same speed in a vacuum – the speed of light


What is transferred by EMW?

Electromagnetic radiation


How is the Electromagnetic Spectrum arranged in terms of ג and F?

Increasing frequency and decreasing wavelength


List the waves of the EMS from lowest energy to highest energy.

-Radio, microwaves, Infrared (IR), visible light, Ultraviolet (UV), X-rays, Gamma rays


What is polarized light?

Light that has passed through a polarized lens/filter


What is a mirage?

Image of a distant object caused by refraction of light as it travels through air of varying temperature


What is a lens?

Curved piece of glass or other transparent material that is used to refract light


how many types of Mirrors are there ?

3 types: type of image produced: Plane virtual Concave real and virtual Convex virtual


type of Lens ?

type of lens: Type of Image Produced: Concave virtual Convex real and virtual