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Give the discription of the Cervical,Thoracic and Lumbar,

Cervical: CI-VII curvature: A. Convexity-S.S.Curve Thoracic: TI-TXII Curvature: A. Concavity-S.P.Curve Lumbar: LI-LV Curvature: A. Convexity- I.P.Curve


Vertebral arch consist of four parts what are they and their description?

Pedicles-attaches to arch of body Lamina-flat portion forming roof of arch P. Interarticularis-oblique portion b/w articular process Vertebral notches-form inter-vertebral foramina


What are the processes of the vetebra? give each its description.

Spinous-posterioly and inferioly Transverse-posteriolaterally Articular-maintain alignment of adjacent vertabrea.


what are the differences between Atlas and Axis.

Atlas is CI. it has an anterior arch with anterior tubercle also with posterior. Axis is CII. it has a superior projection from the body aka Dens


What is vertebral prominens?

Ligament connected to the vertebral promince.