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What is a harmonic series?

all possible wavelengths that can be made form a standing wave.


what s the 1st harmonic? how does it compare to the length of the string?

it is the same as the fundamental frequency. Having a standing wave with the least amount of nodes possible. Two... - 1st harmonic- L= 1/2 wavelength


what is the second harmonic?

occurs when wavelength= Length


Whats is beat frequency?

measures how off two sounds are in pitch. The difference in frequency = the pitch you will hear


How does intensity of sound change with frequency and amplitude?

intensity increases with the square of the frequency and the square of the amplitude.


What property affects the velocity of sound in a gas? why?

temperature. - Velocity is determined by medium and molecules move faster in a hot gas than in a cold gas.


What are the 3 types of waves? explain each

1. Mechanical - must have a medium to travel and an initial energy input. ex: sound and ocean waves 2. electromagnetic- its the wave created and absorbed by charged particles (ex photons) and has a magnetic and electric components. ex: radio and x-rays. 3. Matter waves-... may not need to know.